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Love Without Limits


Hello and welcome to Love Without Limits, a podcast by Julie and Maddy.

We're a couple of white married women who have been together for over 20 years.  We have kids, grandkids, and cats, and depending on the day one of those will make us laugh, cry, or just jump in our lap and demand attention.

We decided to record the conversations we have together, because we don't always agree, but we always find ourselves snuggling at the end of the night.  We've listed a few of our differences below:

We'll talk about politics, family life, science, history, music, movies, and pretty much whatever we want.  Even though we have different viewpoints, we're both want the world to be a better place when we leave it, and we're on this journey together.

Come listen with us, and we always welcome your thoughts and feedback on the discussion!

-Maddy & Julie Love